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HOUSES CONSTRUCTED IN VILLAGES OF CHANDIGARH OUTSIDE THE “LAL DORA” SHOULD BE REGULARIZED WHILE FOLLOWING REGULARIZATION POLICY OF DELHI GOVERNMENT 1. That we the people of the village Raipur khurd, U.T. Chandigarh residing outside the Lal Dora of village. And most of the families in village outside the Lal Dora are residing since 1980 or after that and having all the facilities like Water Connection, Power Connection, Ration Cards and voter cards etc. as per government policies and also got registered their property and mutation thereof by Chandigarh Administration. 2. That people living outside the Lal Dora are mostly employeed who cannot afford the exorbitant costs in Chandigarh and per force opt to construct a house in one of the villages. Almost all such residents more than 2.25 lakh people live in places outside the Lal Dora of the villages are salaried class and tax paying people and primarily belong to region. 3. That a hard working person collects some savings, takes a loan, buys a small residential plot in one of the 18 villages in U.T. Chandigarh and construct a small house. Now starts the bad news, that Estate Office Department Personnel says the houses constructed outside the Lal Dora will be illegal and unauthorized and will be demolished soon and they are going to start sending notices to the residents outside Lal Dora of the villages. 4. That on the other hand, a migrant labourer comes in from U.P, Bihar, build a jhuggi by encroaching upon government land and the Chandigarh Administration providing them shelter by way of constructing new colonies in the Territory of Chandigarh or otherwise going to be regularized them likewise in New Delhi, 214 unauthorized colonies going to be regularized by Delhi Government while providing them certification of regularized colonies. However, the slum dwellers does not bother and continues to construct further jhuggies and colonies. These are not straying examples but glaring lop sidedness in the policies of the Chandigarh Administration in the U.T. official sources say this is like having a difference yardstick for two different sets of the people both unauthorized under the legal framework. In this way the administration has framed two sets of the policies , the only differences is that one in favours of the slum dwellers, while creating hurdles for the average people who cannot afford the exorbitant cost in Chandigarh and per force opts to construct a house in one of the villages. 5. Mr. Awadesh Sing, who has built a house in village Raipur Khurd, Chandigarh, says” we are being treated as second class citizens in one country and all this after paying taxes while the administration policy favours unauthorized people living in slums. Why should a slum dweller benefited more than anyone who has first spent money to buy a plot of land and then spent money to construct a house. In this way we are being discriminated against the slum dwellers with the unfair policies of the Chandigarh administration. Why this indifferent attitude towards us as compared to slum dwellers who had not spent even a single penny to settle in Chandigarh. 6. That earlier the people living outside the Lal Dora not entitled to get an individual power as well as water supply connection but after the decision comes into existence while passing order from the Permanent Lok Adalat of Chandigarh and Hon’ble High Court of Chandigarh also in favour of the decision passed by the PLA Chandigarh ready to provide same to the residents outside the Lal Dora of the villages in Chandigarh. But the Estate Office personnel still issuing notices to the residents while mentioning that said construction outside the Lal Dora is illegal and due to this residents outside the Lal Dora are living under panic that their houses can be demolished any time without further notice or warning which they had constructed with great efforts with the help of spending lifetime saving of their life. It is further most respectfully prayed that houses constructed outside Lal Dora of villages of Chandigarh should be regularized while following policy framed by delhi government to the public interest and their safeguards by announcing that 214 approximately colonies will be regularized soon and certification in respect of this will be given to the families residing in that colonies.
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